Have some almond brown coffee, and listen to this here story nun sum

We are Copper Root. A music listenin-to band formed in small town Denton Tx. You can often hear us playin on the square in front of the Downtown Mini mall on a Friday night. This is where we dun did had out first pubic performance, and we’ve been playin there ever since. We also have a self titled album, and a new EP soon to be out. But be sure to listen to them cuz theyre is sum good shit in there,  and I should know coz muh Momma dun told me so.

Also be sure and check out our Facebook page for current events, pics, show announcements, and other shit.

If you feel so inclined, Like us, definitely write us, and do let us know youre out there!!

More writings and media to come.

Go forth, fellow wrangler, and do good things.